PWR launches esports and content facility in Fortnite



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Gaming organisation and lifestyle brand PWR has teamed up with architecture and design firm Populous to launch an esports training and content facility in the metaverse. 

According to a release, the vision is to launch the facility in Fortnite first before being created in the real world. Fans can access the PWR Facility via the island code <2798-2476-0891> in Fortnite Creative.

This move is once again proof that eSports are evolving and reaching out to more traditional businesses to come along to this new World.

Image credit: PWR, Populous

The PWR Facility has been designed specifically for the brand’s internal team and the wider gaming community to socialise, experience its training space and test the building design choices prior to being built in real life, according to the companies.

PWR is owned by Australian gaming content creator Lachlan Power, who has amassed over 14m subscribers on YouTube alone. PWR also has its own esports rosters competing in Rocket League and Fortnite.


For a limited time, gamers will be able to purchase Fortnite Icon Outfits of Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten, as well as Power, within the merchandise store inside the facility.

Senior Principal and Architect at Populous, Al Baxter, commented: “When we first spoke with PWR we wanted to explore how we could use their brand in the actual form of the building itself to create that ‘wow’ connection between the brand’s form and shape and the building.”

In the release, Baxter also highlighted some of the facility’s ‘key spaces’, such as the multi-functional event area, Lachlan’s office, a boardroom, broadcast and VR streaming studios, a content creator editing suite and esports training space. The digital venue will also feature a merchandise area and operational spaces.

The gaming brand will use the facility created in Fortnite as PWR’s hub. The brand also highlighted that it hopes that as the capabilities of Fortnite’s metaverse expand, its functionality will evolve. As a result, more people will be able to witness PWR’s planned gaming experiences. 

Another aspect that was highlighted by Powers in the release was an emphasis on providing a community for content creators, as well as a place to encourage esports gamers to train and develop stronger health and wellbeing opportunities. “Professional gamers, esports athletes and content creators need places that promote their long-term growth and development,” Powers added.

Image credit: PWR, Populous

PWR’s partner, Populous, is a well-known architecture and design firm within the traditional sports space. The company has worked on projects such as the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, as well as the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Within esports, the company is also behind the design of venues such as Esports Stadium Arlington, Fortress Melbourne and Fusion Arena.

Earlier today, members of the PWR Facility project team, along with Epic Games, presented the facility at a pre-launch reveal and panel discussion at ESI Singapore. The panel included Dean Reinhard (Epic Games), Billy Young (PWR), as well as Brayden Goodwin and Luke Woolley (Populous).