PLLAY® Brings Esports Competitions to 20 Million+ Mobile Users with New Game Studio Partnership



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PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PLLAY® Labs, the AI-driven, fintech video game wagering platform, announced a partnership with HashCube Gaming. One of India’s leading casual gaming studios and builders of the world’s most monetized Sudoku game, Sudoku Quest, HashCube will give PLLAY® access to more than 20 million users.

HashCube is partnering with PLLAY® to give its global users an option to join casual esports tournaments and competitions for cash prizes within their existing gaming experiences. PLLAY’s newly developed enterprise API solution lets companies like HashCube leverage its AI, fintech, gamer identity, and token economic capabilities to increase user engagement and grow revenues. In addition, PLLAY®’s advanced behavioral analytics provide insights into user behavior to provide even more personalized and enhanced game play to customers.

PLLAY® Brings Esports Competitions to 20 Million+ Mobile Users with New Game Studio Partnership

Driving off PLLAY®’s direct-to-consumer success, the company’s enterprise solution will support video game publishers, streaming platforms, cloud gaming, NFT/metaverse games, and professional esports team engagements. Integration of PLLAY®’s skill-based wagering solution lets companies quickly and seamlessly handle identity, regulatory requirements, monetization triggers/verifications, and payouts. Additionally, the solution utilizes one line of code for a simple integration and offers easy product management for teams.

“HashCube is quickly becoming one of the leading mobile game studios globally,” Shawn Gunn, CEO of PLLAY®, said. “This integration will provide HashCube with access to our powerful, newly evolving enterprise offering, allowing the two companies to leverage each other’s capabilities and resources that will support growth initiatives across the board.”

Additional power drivers of the PLLAY® enterprise platform are the ability to increase 18–35-year-old gaming demographics, provide regulatory oversight and monetization across the gaming ecosystem, media platforms, casino partners, and major leagues sports. For more information on the partnership, please email


PLLAY® is the world’s most powerful AI-driven, fintech skill-based wagering and data platform. With PLLAY®, gamers have instant and trusted access to real-money competitions. The platform allows users to wager on peer-to-peer video game competitions and keep 100 percent of the winnings. PLLAY®’s AI monitors in-match achievements, offers real-time data analysis, certifies winners, and dispenses prize money within seconds of final results.

Founded by a team of gaming, sports betting, and fintech veterans, PLLAY® gives over two billion gamers the chance to put their passion to the test—and cash in.

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HashCube is a fast-growing mobile game studio based out of Bangalore, India. Our focus is to build world-class casual mobile games on a freemium model. We follow a fewer, bigger titles strategy of building deep games that keep players engaged for many months. We have already created the world’s most monetizing Sudoku game, Sudoku Quest, which over two million users have played. We want to replicate our success by creating more casual and mass-market games. Join us in our quest to create the world’s best casual games!

To learn more, visit