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What is going on, whos gets a deal and who is benched.


What are the best streams, where to find news and tips?


What does it take to reach success? Who is reaching for the top now?


Playing for fun and as a profession is digital age of the 20s


Live gaming in casinos and esports as as well the age of the 20s


Make your own plans, and make them come true. DONT BET TO MUCH - REMEMBER YOUR LIFE, and PLAY RESPONSIBLE!

Gamers and Rumours

MAD Lions: Roaring into the Esports Arena with Passion and Precision

Unleashing Competitive Ferocity MAD Lions has surged onto the esports scene with a ferocity that mirrors their namesake. As an organization, they’ve...

NRG Esports: Forging the Future of Competitive Gaming

Elevating the Esports Arena NRG Esports stands as a colossus in the realm of competitive gaming, an organization synonymous with excellence, innovation, and...

KPI Gaming: Pioneering a New Epoch in Esports Excellence

Redefining Esports Dynamics KPI Gaming has emerged as a pioneering force in the esports industry, redefining the dynamics of competitive play with its strategic...

Acend: The Vanguard of Next-Generation Esports

Spearheading Competitive Gaming Revolution Acend Club, a beacon in the next generation of esports, has swiftly carved out a niche for itself as an avant-garde...

Tundra Esports: Trailblazers in the Competitive Gaming Arena

Emerging Titans in Esports Tundra Esports, though a relatively new entrant in the esports arena, has rapidly ascended to prominence, disrupting the status quo...

Optic Gaming: Redefining Excellence in Global Esports

A Legacy Forged in Competitive Fire Optic Gaming has long been a household name in the world of esports, embodying a legacy of competitive excellence and...

TyLoo Esports: Pioneers of the Asian Esports Movement

Establishing Dominance in the Asian Circuit TyLoo Esports stands as a monumental figure in the Asian esports scene, having established itself as a dominant...

Gen.G Esports: Revolutionizing the Global Esports Landscape

Crafting a New Chapter in Esports Excellence Gen.G Esports, established as a beacon of innovation and performance, has rapidly become a leading light in the...

Twisted Minds Esports: Shaping the Future of Competitive Gaming

The Rise of a Competitive Contender Twisted Minds Esports is swiftly becoming a staple name in the esports industry. Bursting onto the scene with energy and...

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