Match Prediction: CIS Rejects – chekoldyriki | Dota 2


CIS Rejects to win chekoldyriki | Dota 2


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Another match of the Dota 2 Champions League group stage and another fight without intrigue. CIS Rejects and chekoldyriki will meet in a face-to-face confrontation, and here you don’t go to a fortuneteller, and there will be one winner.

I can’t imagine what would have to happen for CIS Rejects to lose to chekoldyriki. Nobody canceled the massive power outage, but such a turn of the scenario seems very unlikely.
We are looking into whether chekoldyriki or Ramzes will still have any chances and the company will close the series in their favor without any problems.
CIS Reject Form
CIS Rejects will play as a clear favorite in this match. It’s pointless to argue about this.
The team that advanced to the top division of the CIS and took 4th place in the D2CL last season cannot be on the same level as the team from the open qualifiers called chekoldyriki. No offense to the chekoldyriki themselves.
Result: 2-0 in favor of CIS Rejects.