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So you want to bet on esports, eh? Maybe you’re a fan of the games looking to put your knowledge to use in making a little side cash. Or maybe you already have some experience as a bettor, and you’re looking to add an edge to your game. Whatever the case, we have esports betting tips that can help anyone improve their returns.

Esports betting really isn’t too different from betting on other types of sports. It has a lot of the same bet types: outright winners, moneylines, over/unders, prop bets, and so on. They just have some of their own little wrinkles that are unique to esports.


Separate your finances. For the most part, when betting online, you will deposit into a ‘Real Money Balance’. When first starting out, punters generally stick to one site, however as you begin to incorporate more advanced strategies and multiple websites, it can become difficult to moderate your bankroll. Although it’s not essential to use multiple sites, and if you are doing so, a simple spreadsheet can accommodate, going a step further and creating a separate account for betting funds can be a godsend.

Now, we’re not saying you should have a separate bank entirely, but your betting account should be separate from your primary direct debit, and used exclusively for betting ventures. This is so that you are easily able to track your spends, wins, losses and withdrawals. It is generally recommended that you do not use a credit account or an account with an overdraft too, as gambling on funds that aren’t your own is a big red flag and maybe a sign that you should pack it in for a bit!

Keep sheets. When placing multiple bets, especially with strategies such as Percentage Staking as mentioned above, keeping track of your bets can be as difficult as monitoring your funds. Most die-hard punters will keep spreadsheets or tables that keep track of: their total bankroll, their bets and respective odds, their daily losses and daily earnings; as well as the site that the bet was placed with. This will enable you to monitor broader strategies, such as matched betting or the arbitrage strategy with relative ease.

Matched betting is a strategy that aims to off-set risk on your initial bets by taking advantage of promotions offered by bookmakers found in our esports sportsbook reviews. The concept, put simply, is to cover all potential outcomes of a bet – for example in a conventional single, covering both a win and a loss – one with your real money balance and the other with your “free bet”.

If you would like to learn more about matched betting or the arbitrage strategy, we cover them in more detail in our StarCraft II Betting Guide:

Use practice sheets.  Whilst we’re on the topic of keeping sheets, it’s worth making you aware of Practice Sheets. With practice sheets, you do exactly that: practice. You simply keep sheets, as mentioned above, but monitor hypothetical bets on real games with your own limited play money. This will allow you to refine strategies prior to risking your real funds! Whether you’re placing bets for the first time or trying out new, more complicated strategies, practicing alongside a live match is a great way to strengthen your skills and broaden your betting knowledge.

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