eSportsProTips Announces Website
Welcome to the eSportsProTips Beta Website. We promise about a month ago that our website would be released in February and here it is! This is the beta website. We will continue to develop the website adding new features that will satisfy our viewers needs. In this website you can find the news, update logs, guides and articles of Awesomenauts and also Counter-Strike Global Offensive. ..
The Fact Ep.1 - Interviewing bOdy_hUnter_PT
The Fact Ep.1 - Interviewing bOdy_hUnter_PT about hes Awesomenauts career, the current competitive scene and the future of the game. ..


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We're a team of three guys that love video games: "skner", "ReaLL" and "bOdy_hUnter". We play mostly Awesomenauts and CS:GO, and that's the type of videos you can expect from this channel. We do all sorts of videos. We have something called "Update Reviews" (for both Awesomenauts and CS:GO), where we cover the updates and explain them as much as we can. We also make a lot of highlights, containing high skilled frags, or just good moments that are worth sharing, and you could be on this videos. Send us your CS:GO Demos and we make a highlight featuring your gameplay.

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