EXCEL Co-Founder Kieran Holmes-Darby joins Formula E



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Esports are getting closer to the more traditional sports….

EXCEL Esports Co-founder Kieran Holmes-Darby has been appointed as Formula E’s Gaming Director. 

As part of his role, Holmes-Darby will oversee upcoming gamified experiences for Formula E and will help grow the electric motorsport’s gaming products. 

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Formula E

Kieran Holmes-Darby is most known as one of the co-founders of British esports organisation EXCEL Esports together with his brother, Joel Holmes-Darby. Kieran most recently held the position of Esports Director at EXCEL, where he managed teams and helped EXCEL’s growth.

Following his departure earlier this year, both EXCEL Esports co-founders have now left the company, with Joel Holmes-Darby leaving in 2020 to join Method. 

Kieran Holmes-Darby, the new Gaming Director at Formula E, shared additional information, via a LinkedIn post: “For me, being able to bring my expertise into the sporting world is an absolute dream. Formula E is so incredibly well-placed to capitalise on the blending of the physical and digital worlds and I am thrilled to be able to bring gamified experiences to the electric generation of motorsport fans!” 

Formula E is an official FIA-sanctioned electric open-wheel racing series that aims to bring electric racing to the mainstream. The company is deeply invested in the gaming sector, having secured a number of partnerships with esports entities. Formula E organises regular esports tournaments at race days where visitors compete against Formula E drivers. 

Formula E also has its own sim racing esports series, Formula E: Accelerate, which consists of six races and a €100,000 prize pool. The company also recently developed a blockchain-based management game called Formula E: High Voltage