Esports betting

Esports is like any other sport in the sense of betting. Every game is divided such like traditional sports.

Take a Systematic Approach

Once you are familiar with eSports and it’s history, you are ready to get into the betting part of eSports betting. First you will need to get a more general and broader idea of how placing a bet actually works, and then you can get started, slowly, with trying to place your own bets. All you need to get started is to choose a betting site, a payment method, deposit a little money and you ready to place your first bets.

There is a lot to learn and you have to be careful, patient and systematic if you wish to be successful at this. There are some simple, yet very useful tips that you need to learn, understand and implement at first, but the process doesn’t start there.

Handle Your Finances Carefully

The bankroll management is one of the key things for every punter, or at least those who have any ambition of becoming long term winners at betting. Even if you’re just a casual punter, it is still good to develop a bankroll management system, that way your fun money will also last you longer, even if you don’t expect to walk away a winner. In most cases you can just adapt rules that has already been devised by somebody else.

Next you’ll need to learn, not just how to read, but also to understand the odds and how do they work. That will lead you to being able to decide with a higher or a lower degree of accuracy when it is worth to take a risk and when it is not. There’s always a risk factor in betting and there’s no such thing as a 100% secure bet. However, once you learn the basic maths of eSports betting, you will be able to analyse potential bets and make informed decisions on which ones you should place.

Calculations and computing are important analysis tools and you’ll need to be good with numbers in order to be a good punter. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to become an expert in mathematics though, you’ll just have to acquire a specific set of skills that will enable you to analyse betting options and essentially be able to recognise a value bet. Value bets are bets where the odds don’t express the likelihood of the even accurately, i.e. it is more likely for that outcome to happen than it is reflected by the odds for that particular market.

An Ongoing Process

Betting on eSports requires a certain degree of knowledge and understanding, especially if you’re ambitious and expect success in your betting endeavours. The learning process is ongoing and never-ending, but there are things that you’ll need to learn at the very beginning and then your betting skills will simply improve with practice. We are here to provide you with the tools and enable you to develop the skills necessary for eSports betting.

Analysing Esports Bets

The aim of every punter is to place as many winning bets as possible, while keeping losses to a minimum. As you already know, betting successfully on eSports isn’t a matter of luck, if you’re not doing your homework, you might win a couple of bets, but you won’t have long term success.

Analysing eSports bets is no easy task, but it’s all about setting your priorities and learning what statistics you need in order to perform a valid analysis. Once you get the basics and learn how to analyse, doing the actual analysis would be much easier. The first thing that you will need to do is separate the important from the unimportant, the things will be a lot simpler. Still, that doesn’t mean that doing proper analysis doesn’t take time, you will need to put some effort in it.

Don’t expect to find an obvious bargain too often. However there are certain times that you should always account for, regardless which eSport you’re betting on and what is the tournament in question.

Beware of teams that are too popular and enjoy large commercial success, have great sponsorship deals and generally are considered cool. Not that they won’t win, in many cases they would. The problem is that, in most cases, the offered odds on popular and cool teams aren’t justified. Remember that most punters bet just casually and don’t get into analysis or statistics, they simply back the team that they read about the most, or that they support. As a result of that, the odds drop, especially for match betting markets, which are most common.

When the odds are decreased, that doesn’t have a negative impact on the team per se, they still might win, but at the lower odds, it simply isn’t a risk worth taking. If a team was at 1.60 and the odds dropped to 1.45 merely because a lot of people backed them to win, you should reconsider your option. The odds might be too low in the first place, they don’t have to drop following many wagers. That doesn’t mean that you should never bet on ‘cool’ teams. The odds might still be fair, especially if they are much better than the opponent, it’s just something that you should always have on your mind.

Keep Track of Changes

So, obviously as the odds can change you should always keep track of the odds and how they change over time. While minor changes might reflect the amounts of wagers being placed on a selection or the opposite selection, a significant drop or increase might reflect something a lot more substantial. For example, if it has been announced that a key player won’t be playing, that odds for that team to win will decrease significantly. If you read the information that a player won’t be in the squad and you have a strong reason to believe that his absence will be felt by his team, i.e. they have seriously lower chances of winning, yet the odds haven’t changed yet, it might be wise to bet against the team in question before the bookies respond and lower the odds for the team to win.

So, reacting promptly to market changes is very important. If you’re betting on a less popular tournament, you have an advantage as not too many people bet on these tournaments, therefore the bookmakers don’t pay a lot of attention and might not be as fast to alter the odds if something changes, like if it is announced that a player will be absent.

The bookies hate losing money and that’s why they are very cautious with big tournaments, especially with final matches, as a lot of people bet on such events. With lower-ranked tournaments, bookies know that no matter what the outcome, they will not be losing a lot of money and that’s why they pay less attention to setting the odds. In other words, you might find more value in those bets and you might have better winning chances, than if you stick to just major tournaments.

Generally speaking, favourites are more likely to lose at smaller tournaments, sometimes they are less motivated, sometimes they don’t prepare as much as they do for the major tournaments. Of course, that’s not a rule.

Few Practical Examples

Perhaps the best way to explain bet analysis is to give one hypothetical example. Let’s assume that team X play against team Y. Team X are the obvious favourites, they have recently won a major tournament, they are a lot more popular and the odds for them to win are at 1.40. That puts the probability at 1.71%. However, their opponents play particularly well against them. In the previous 6 matches, team X won only 3 matches, and lost the remaining 3.

If we calculate the value and the probability taking into consideration this statistical category – past matches, it turns out that the probability of team X winning the game is mere 50%, which is a lot less than what the odds suggest.

If the maps on which a game will be played are already published, that is definitely another factor that you should take into consideration. Some teams simply don’t play well on certain maps. On the other hand, sometimes the weaker team may play particularly well on certain maps and if the game is played on those maps, their odds of winning might be higher than the odds suggest.

It doesn’t have to be match betting, you can analyse every aspect of the game. Browse through the statistics and you will always stumble across interesting patterns. For example, a certain team may have lost more second maps/rounds than they have won, despite the fact that they have won more matches than they have lost. In that case, even if they are the favourite to win, you might consider betting on the other team to win the second map.

What is the best sportsbook for CS:GO betting odds?

Esports betting is on the rise this year, but there aren’t clearly defined leaders for betting in general, let alone for games like CS:GO specifically. At this stage, the smartest play is to identify online sportsbooks where you feel comfortable playing and then shop around among those books for the best price on each match.

Spreading out your CS:GO betting – and all of your esports betting – in this fashion will also help to ensure that you get the maximum promotional value, as sportsbooks will likely issue you an esports betting bonus and other enticements after you’ve been inactive for a period of time.

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular esports, and that popularity translates into broad coverage across online betting sites for CS:GO. For any given CS:GO Major event, you’re likely to be able to shop for odds at the vast majority of both traditional sportsbooks and esportsbooks.

Do odds for CS:GO matches change over time?

Yes. Just like the betting lines on any sport, odds for CS:GO are dynamic and can change radically over time. The csgo odds today may be radically different in composure the next day.

There are several factors that can cause a line to shift, including:

  • An influx of betting on one side or the other.
  • The performance of a team leading up to the match.
  • Changes in the composition of a CS:GO team.

Appreciating how dynamic the odds for a given CS:GO match are likely to be is part of the skill of handicapping CS:GO. The earlier you place your bet, the better the chances that you snag an outlying betting line or get the odds that you think offer the most value. But by placing your bet early, you restrict your ability to account for new information that emerges as the match date draws closer.

This is not currently that big of an issue for esports betting, as fixtures tend to not be posted that far in advance of the start of CS:GO matches. But as the market for esports betting and CS:GO betting grows, we’re sure to see odds posted further and further out, making this a more critical skill for those hoping to succeed at betting on esports.

Can you make a living with CS:GO bets?

Like with all forms of gambling, there’s always a risk associated with CS:GO betting. This means that you should only be betting with money you can afford to lose and you shouldn’t consider it an income opportunity that you can drop your job over.

However, with some careful planning and preparation, you can potentially stay in profit whilst betting on CS:GO matches. This makes CS:GO betting a better option than other types of gambling if you are a fan of the game. It all comes down to being smart about your bets and using the information you know about each team that is playing. Over time, you may be able to bring in a significant profit so long as you bet within your budget and keep a betting bankroll to account for any upsets.

Ultimately, CS:GO betting should be thought of as a fun activity to compliment watching your favorite CS:GO matches, but the potential to make money is an added bonus.

Should I always bet on the best team in CS:GO?

Absolutely not! The secret is knowing when one team may have better odds at winning than the betting odds would seem to suggest. If you always bet on the best team in CS:GO, eventually, you’ll bet on an upset game where you lose out massively.

To hedge your bets, you should look for upset games to bet on – these can be excellent ways to gain big profits on smaller sized bets because the odds will be heavily stacked on the favorite to win. The best upset games are best of ones where there’s more chance for mistakes to cause the loss of a game. You should also consider the past matchup history between the favorite and a potential upset team because you may find that their performance has been decent enough to warrant a bet against the favorite.

Can I bet on every single CS:GO Match?

The support for CS:GO matches depends on the size of the event and the size of the bookmaker you are betting on. Typically, only the biggest tournaments will get betting coverage, but you will see the occasional amateur event get supported.

The reason this happens is that bookmakers must ensure there are no chances a match fix will happen. In amateur esports tournaments, teams are more enticed to fix their match if betting against themselves is possible. This is, of course, against the betting terms, but it requires teams and organizations with high standards and a reputation to lose to ensure these terms are stuck to.

For this reason, not only do the big events get more coverage, but it makes more sense to bet on the bigger events to ensure your bets are safe from any foul play. Unfortunately, this is a small growing pain as esports matures into a proper sporting event, but it can be completely avoided by going for events hosted by ESL, IEM, Dreamhack, Valve, ESEA, CEVO, ASUS, and other big brands.

Additionally, you select up to 10 or 15 maximum matches per betslip, depending on the CS:GO odds provider. Different providers will have different limitations on how many matches you can create a combo or system bet at. It is always advisable to check the T&C when you sign up.

How do DOTA 2 odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook?

Each Dota 2 betting site takes a different approach to setting Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) lines, as is the case with all esports. Due to DOTA 2’s popularity as a spectator esport, lines may not vary as much from sportsbook to sportsbook compared to other games, but some differences will certainly exist.

Some sportsbooks are new to esports betting and will offer more favorable lines as a tool to draw new customers in to wager. Certain sportsbooks have better information than others so the quality of those lines will vary.

Is there a best sportsbook for DOTA 2 betting?

There is no clearly defined leader among sportsbooks that offer lines on DOTA 2 betting. Esports betting is still relatively new that a player’s best bet is to shop around and compare the lines that are offered by any respectable betting site for Dota 2.

Most sportsbook line differences are minor, but one should still research multiple lines – and multiple sportsbooks. Shopping multiple esports-specific and traditional Dota 2 betting sites will ensure that you get the best value with your bet.

There is also an advantage to be gained by spreading out your bets across multiple sportsbooks. This is usually the correct play for all types of esports bets. Spreading your bets between various sportsbooks will allow you to capitalize on all of the promotions offered by the different sites.

Harness the power of opening and closing odds

Both traditional sports and videogame competitions provide players with the opportunity to place their bets many days before the events have started. Opening odds are the first to be revealed by bookmakers, usually ten days before the competition begins. Sportsbooks rely on statistical information, as well as other data used in fundamental analysis to come up with the starting odds. From the moment they are posted, they will be adjusted constantly based on new information, as well as market movements.

Dota 2 predictions are particularly valuable when they are made available sometime before the competition begins. Bookmakers react to the bets placed by their members and adjust the odds accordingly. If a Dota team attracts a lot of attention and a lot of money is wagered on its victory, the odds will go down. This means that in order to maximize the return on investment you should take the opening odds when betting on favorites. Casual punters prefer well-known teams and tend to bet heavily on them, which causes the odds to move downwards.

The odds fluctuation and efficient market theory states that it is the closing odds that are the most relevant since they use all the information available at the moment the event starts. If your own analysis leads you to the conclusion that the underdogs are likely to prevail, it is advisable to wait and bet on the closing odds. The rule of thumb is to maximize the return on investment and use opening and closing odds to lock in on maximum value.

How do odds for DOTA 2 matches change?

The DOTA 2 betting odds will most certainly change over time. ESports is just like traditional sports betting and lines can be incredibly volatile. DOTA 2 bets can be risky because of line changes. However, DOTA 2 boasts some of the largest prize pools in esports, making it worth one’s while to put in the work and research properly.

Most of the time it can be recommended that you place your Dota bets as early as possible, even though line information isn’t usually posted way in advance. Placing your bets early based on inspired Dota 2 predictions gives you a better chance at getting the remote line or the odds with top value. One downside to placing a bet way in advance is that the team’s performance could change in events leading up to the bet on match. So be prepared for new information that make line odds swing.

There are multiple elements that can cause Dota 2 odds to shift dramatically:

  • Team changes, or change of player positions
  • Pre-match team performance
  • A sudden betting swing from one line to another

Though there are a few major factors that can contribute to large swings, gamblers can expect that as demand increases for esports, information will become more plentiful and available far more in advance to matches.

Do League of Legends odds differ from sportsbook to sportsbook?

Yes, League of Legends (LoL) lines definitely vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Since eSports is new, all sportsbooks approach line setting for LoL in different ways.

Sportsbooks are still learning to interpret League of Legends information and are similarly learning how to use that information to set their lines. Due to the various ways to use LoL odds and data, the differences between sportsbook line offerings can be beneficial to bettors who have done their research.

Some sportsbooks have better odds than others for the purpose of drawing new eSports bettors in. Spreading your bets out between various sportsbooks is a good way to take advantage of a sportsbook’s promotional offerings, and will ultimately bring you more value for your wagers.

Esports Betting Guide

  • Tip #1: Be patient.
  • Tip #2: Skipping a bet is always an option.
  • Tip #3: The ‘safe odds’ zone.
  • Tip #4: NEVER go ‘all in’
  • Tip #5: NEVER bet when angry or frustrated (ragebet)
  • Tip #6: Always do your research.
  • Tip #7: Use the odds tracker.
  • Tip #8: Bet early.

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