505 Games Updates on Three Key Titles During Height of the June Gaming Season



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Killer Sequels, Cyberpunk Cities, and Anamorphic Action Form Backbone of Publisher’s Summer Announcements.

CALABASAS, Calif. – June 13, 2022 – Leading video game publisher 505 Games announces three updates & announcements across its portfolio of forthcoming games in the form of Serial Cleaners, Gunfire Reborn, plus new title Nivalis.


505 Games is proud to announce the incredible, stylistic cyberpunk slice-of-life sim Nivalis. Presented at the PC Gaming Show last Sunday, the first ever gameplay trailer is now available. Grow your business, manage restaurants and nightclubs, make friends and enemies, and even find love in Nivalis, the stunning cyberpunk Voxel-art city that stretches from the ocean to the clouds, lovingly brought to life by Cloudpunk developer ION LANDS.


The highly anticipated sequel to cult-hit Serial Cleaner has been announced for release on September 22, 2022, in the latest Story Reveal trailer. Set in the grimy underworld of 90’s New York, work as four different and unique “cleaners” sent to cover up the gruesome aftermaths of gangland hits and jobs gone wrong. Only this time, not everything is as it seems!


Coming soon to Xbox and PC Gamepass, dive into this single-player or co-op, level-based adventure game featuring FPS, Roguelite and RPG elements. Players can control outlandish anamorphic heroes with various abilities, and use OTT weapons to explore procedurally-generated levels.

Available on Gamepass in October 2022.